Reach out for help, Pasefika!

Since the beginning of Melbourne’s lockdown in 2020, we have been rolling out emergency relief to Pasefika families-in-need. A much-needed service for our people who are doing it tough. This week we want to reach out to our Pasefika community and remind them that times are still tough – and we understand that. We have seen many of our Pasefika families affected by COVID-19 through test results, 14-day isolations and overall lockdown. Bills are piling up and having to continually keep up with household costs on reduced income is hard for many of us.

PICAA (in partnership with EFKS Northgate Mafutaga Tina) is sending our emergency food packs to Pasefika families who are isolating because someone at home has COVID. If you know of anyone here in Melbourne, please refer them to our service so we can help share the load for our vulnerable community members.

To submit request for help, please fill out our easy form here:

Thank you for helping us to #ProtectPasefika

Take it away Sikivi….


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