In April 2016, PICAA made a call-out for interested singers wanting to promote Pasefika music in Melbourne.  The call was answered by 17 Pasefika singers, and thus PASEFIKA VITORIA CHOIR was born!  With an exciting opportunity given by The National Gallery of Victoria to open up the Pacific Exhibition, the choir got stuck into rehearsals!  Since then, PASEFIKA VITORIA has performed at various events around Melbourne and will continue to do so for as long as they can.

The choir performs a mix of Pasefika songs and medleys that embody Samoan, Tongan, Rarotongan, Maori and Tokelauan languages – with many other Pasefika language songs to come in future performances.

Our 2016/7 members include:

Rita Seumanutafa (Choir Director), Fetu Thompson, Mema Elise, Maritah Enosa, Tapu Elise, Sesa Tuitea, Lavinia Enosa, Bessie Faaaifili, Polu Tuisuga, Delsa Tuitea, Lloyd Samau, Asalemo Tofete, Jeramyah Gale, Steve Tafea, Christian Gilbert, Obert Tuisuga, Patrick Faaaifili.

WANT TO JOIN US? We are always looking for new singers so if you enjoy sharing your love of Pasefika music with the community, then Contact us today!

Our performances so far:

June The Pacific Exhibition opening event – Hosted by The National Gallery of Victoria
October Main stage, Aotearoa Festival – Hosted by Immigration Museum Melbourne
January Musifika Songfest 2017 – Hosted by PICAA Inc.
March ‘Pride of Polynesia’ parade in partnership with Nuholani Dance co., Moomba Festival – Hosted by City of Melbourne.
Fundraiser event – Hosted by The Voice of West Papua radio programme
April Collaboration with Mojo Juju @ The Piers Festival 2017 – Hosted by Multicultural Arts Victoria
May Collaboration with Mojo Juju @ Multifuturistic concert – Hosted by Multicultural Arts Victoria
June ‘Karen Goes to New York!’ Fundraiser – Hosted by Karen Abdul

Rehearsal days/times:  We rehearse weekly on Thursday nights (7pm-830pm) in Sydenham, VIC.

Photo: PASEFIKA VITORIA CHOIR members take a quick selfie before taking to the stage at Melbourne Immigration Museum’s ‘Aotearoa Fest’ in October 2016. (Photo: Asalemo Tofete 2016).


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