In June 2017, PICAA presented a first for the Melbourne Pasefika community – the very first Australian Pacific Island musical production.  In partnership with Multicultural Arts Victoria, we formed a creative team and set about creating a show that would celebrate our lives as Pasefika peoples living in Australia.  With a cast of 53 performers, including 23 young Pasefika children, we premiered REHAVAIKI to a sold-out audience at the South Melbourne Town Hall on June 2nd, this was followed by a sold-out event in July 14th at The Bowery Theatre, STACC.


In a world where we are forgetting our ancestors -forgetting where we have come from – we take a journey to reawaken the gifts from Havaiki that once saw us as fearless explorers, navigators of the seas, and discoverers of new worlds. ReHavaiki explores themes of identity, belonging and re-connecting with ancestral heritage. Set in present-day Australia, the audience gains insight into life as Pacific Islander youth born and bred outside of the homeland. The production showcases modern and traditional genres of music, dance and crafts. An inspiring and beautiful montage of the ups and downs of Pacific Island pride”

Directed by Award-winning theatre practitioner Asalemo Tofete, and musically composed by Samoan choral director Rita Seumanutafa, ReHavaiki promises an array of multi-talented creative arts (singers, dancers, actors, artists, craftsmen) highlighting Pacific Island talent in Australia.

Our ReHavaiki shows so far:

June 2 SOLD OUT SHOW @ South Melbourne Town Hall, South Melbourne – Hosted by PICAA INC. and Multicultural Arts Victoria
July 14 SOLD OUT SHOW @ Bowery Theatre STACC, St Albans – Hosted by PICAA INC. and Brimbank City Council

Photo: A scene from “ReHavaiki” (June 2nd 2017, South Melbourne Town Hall, VIC). Cast members: (L-R) Back – Vineta Ioapo, Tumema Elise, Gloria Tafua, Tavai Faasavalu, Olive Asi, Tapu Elise. Front – Elandrah Feo, Polu Tuisuga, Alarece Mowat, and Julianna Lologa. (Photo: Copyright PICAA INC. 2017)



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