PICAA in 2021 – Malo ‘aupito!

Another big year for us, another year of creative arts in lockdown, and another opportunity to reflect and celebrate our PICAA family. As we wind down our working year for 2021, we want to acknowledge our PICAA family – our creatives, our leaders, and our young people – for coming forward to take part in the many projects that we were a part of this year –

PASIFIX 2021 – Thank you to event hosts Gaba Musik for inviting us to take part in this super awesome event! Our Pasefika Vitoria Choir did an amazing job at opening the event and we pay special thanks to our young people who took part in this performance with us: Osty Gale, Cleo Martinez, Max Martinez, Sade Tafea, Sienna Taupau and Brooklyn Taupau – a proud moments for your families and communities. We also thank our fellow Pasefika artists Stndrd, Biggs685, Airileke, and Ngaaire and others for being wonderful role models to our young creatives at this event. A night to remember.

Pasefika Vitoria Choir performing at PASIFIKA – LIVE AT THE BOWL in April 2021.

EMERGENCY RELIEF – We have managed to continue our support of Pasefika families-in-need, with the help of the Priority Response for Multicultural Communities funding grant by the Victorian Government. Our relief effort was also in partnership with the Northgate Congregational Christian Church of Samoa parish, led by Rev Elder Aviti and Sa Etuale. From June – December this year we prepared and delivered over 300 relief packages to help our Pasefika families cope with the stress of lockdown. Vinaka to all our helpers, volunteers in helping our team get this relief out to community. (Shoutout to the bro Bob Gasio for posting up this appreciation video)

PASEFIKA COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK – Led by our partner organisation, VASA Consultancy, PICAA has been a champion in keeping our Pasefika communities engaged and updated during the many changes in lockdown. We thank our network partners Cook Islander Services Community in Victoria, Niuean Community Council of Victoria, and Letio Tonga o Melipoane for being fellow champions of Pasefika community engagement with us! Shoutout to our PICAA Tingz presenter Sikivi Tafea for the community update videos.

Screenshot of PICAA Tingz community update video in February 2021

INVEST IN YOU – GAMBLING SAFETY – We spent a whole year working with Brimbank City Council and VASA Consultancy in developing safety resources for our communities – highlighting the dangers of gambling harm from Pokies machines. The resources include Pasefika language translations of already existing pamphlets and postcards, a video ad featuring our talented comedians Sikivi Tafea and Vineta Ioapo, and a community talanoa/launch. If you want to know more about these resources then please contact us as we have printed resources to share.

Images of some of the resources PICAA and VASA Consultancy have developed in the INVEST IN YOU project.

UNDER THE TREES – This is our long-awaited theatre project in partnership with Know Your Roots (Shepparton) and Multicultural Arts Victoria. An opportunity to shine the light on the emerging talent that comes from the Shepparton Pasefika youth community, Under the Trees will continue on in 2022 with a show that will highlight Pasefika creative arts in community. #WatchThisSpace

ISLAND CHRONICLES – Another long-awaited project, this performing arts program is in partnership with Cinespace Inc and funded by Creative Victoria. Island Chronicles will showcase the film-creating/making skills development of Akenese Tofete and Vaiui Penaia – two talented young Pasefika creatives who are being mentored by Asalemo Tofete (Director, Performer, Playwright and overall amazing talent!). We look forward to premiering Akenese and Vaiui’s work to you all in the coming months – stay tuned!

A mentoring session with the Island Chronicles creatives – Akenese Tofete and Vaiui Penaia

As you can see, even during the longest lockdown in the world, we’ve managed to find ways to keep ourselves active, creative and entertained. We hope the work that we’ve done this year has inspired you all to find the creatives within yourselves. Thank you for a great year of community engagement and creativity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

With blessings,

Rita – PICAA’s Head Cheerleader

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