PICAA Mission & Vision:

In January 2016, Pacific Island Creative Arts Australia Inc (PICAA) was formed as a non-profit organisation in response to community demand for more Pasefika artistic presence here in Melbourne, Australia. In order to do this, PICAA focuses on 6 creative artforms:  MUSIC & DANCE, THEATRE & FILM, and ARTS & CRAFTS.  Basically, our role here in Australia can be understood in three ways:

  1. To promote and develop Pasefika creative artists and their skills so that they can have more opportunities to participate in the Australian arts industry.
  2. To provide opportunities for the Australian Pasefika community to engage with one another through traditional and contemporary Pasefika creative arts.
  3. To promote Pasefika cultural identity and understanding for young people – ensuring longevity in Pasefika creative arts.

Our vision is to develop PICAA INC. into a leading Pasefika creative arts organisation in Australia.  We aim to produce events and opportunities that highlight the strengths of Australian Pasefika communities because we strongly believe that creative, artistic skill and talent is inherent in the child and therefore a strong expression of Pasefika identity and belonging.  Also, we aim to bring these talents to the forefront by finding ways to connect community talent to the professional arena, encouraging inter-generational knowledge to be shared, and fostering social well-being amongst our Pasefika communities.



2016 FOUNDING PICAA BOARD: Rita Seumanutafa, Delsa Tuitea, Camellia Auali’i, Dan Vaimoso, Sheree Saifaleupolu and Diana Nu’u.

PICAA is managed and operated by the PICAA ASSOCIATES: Rita Seumanutafa, Delsa Tuitea, Camellia Auali’i, Patrick Fa’aaifili, Steve Tafea, Bessie Fa’aaifili, Christian Gilbert, Gina Tafea, and Asalemo Tofete

Our PICAA ASSOCIATES are supported by our PICAA ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM: Rita Seumanutafa, Delsa Tuitea, Lavinia Enosa, and Vineta Ioapo.

PICAA seeks advice from Pasefika/Indigenous community leaders: Christina Fuemana, Justice Nelson, Fa’alava’au Saia, Lemalu Fa’atau, Rev. Elder Aviti Etuale, and Pastor Petone Toelei’u.

PICAA events are run by our awesome PICAA VOLUNTEERS: Camellia Auali’i, Fiona Saipele, Melissa Tofa, Tamara Puni, Faith Tuitea, Ailini Tuitea, Elijah Saifaleupolu, Jeramyah Gale, Malia Gale, Joysina Utai, Dan Auali’i, IJ Elise, Pena Elise, Devereaux Feo, Bernadette Katopau, Lavinia Enosa, Lavinia Samasoni, Monique O’Keefe, Star Masoe, Celeste Masoe, Janet Figota, Jane Figota, Jazmyn Schuster, Rachel Pelman, Mele Vi and Victoria Tuiletufuga.


Photo: PASEFIKA VITORIA CHOIR performing for the opening of the Pacific Exhibition @ National Gallery of Victoria, June 2016. (Photo: Copyright PICAA INC. 2016)