We began 5 years ago with a mission to bring together Pasefika creative artists and provide a platform for Pasefika arts to thrive in Australia.  In short, we do the following –

  • Create, produce and perform our own theatre productions
  • Have an active Pasefika community choir that promotes and performs Pasefika music all over Melbourne
  • Empower our communities with Pasefika creative arts – film, theatre, music, dance, arts and crafts
  • Exhibit and showcase  the creative pursuits of our PICAA artists
  • And many other cool Pasefika ceative stuff!


Our PICAA creatives provide inspiration and empowerment to our Pasefika communities therefore our aim is to develop, grow and maintain creative opportunities for our people. Our vision is to develop PICAA INC. into a leading Pasefika creative arts and  communications organisation in Australia.  We work closely with our Pasefika communities to develop better ways to communicate with our people. 

COVID-19 in our Pasefika communities

Poster_StayConnected_English PICAA

Since the beginning of Victoria’s 2020 lockdowns, PICAA has been a key communicator in ensuring that our Pasefika communities of Victoria understand COVID-safety announcements from the state government. We are funded under the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities Program to delivery emergency relief to Pasefika families-in-need, and also to promote COVID-safety behaviour in our communities. Our partners include –

  • VASA CONSULTANCY – consultancy and design of our funded programs
  • THE CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF SAMOA (NORTHGATE PARISH) – the Mafutaga Tina (Women’s Association) for our Emergency Relief for Pasefika families program
  • PASEFIKA COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK – for communicating safety messages to community, with our PCN partners Cook Islands Community Services of Victoria Inc., Niue Community Council of Victoria, Melino ‘Ofa Amanaki, and Tonga Leitio ‘o Melipoane