Stay connected Melbourne Pasefika!

In response to a new covid outbreak cluster announced last week, Melbourne has been imposed with yet another 7-day lockdown (we are in day 5 today!), and with a growing list of exposure sites things are looking a bit hectic out there!

So just in case we get hit with an extension, or we come out of it only to be in yet another lockdown, we want to encourage our Pasefika communities to stay positive, stay strong and continue to keep each other, our families and our communities in good spirits.

So we encourage you to stay connected and support one another during this time!

  1. Stay connected and keep in touch regularly
  2. Contact your families/friends via phone, sms, video messenging and email
  3. Check on those elderly members nearby especially if they don’t have family near them
  4. Continue to keep up-to-date with COVID-19 news – new exposure sites, vaccine updates and lockdown rules.

Important! If you are feeling any symptoms, we encourage you to get tested as soon as possible and isolate for the required period given to you.

Stay safe Melbourne and we wish our Pasefika communities all the very best as we continue on with the remainder of lockdown and anything that comes our way over the next few days/weeks and months!


xx Rita (Head Cheerleader)

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