Melbourne Lockdown Extension

Yup! We’re back there again. In fact, we didn’t make it out of the 7 days! We got slapped with a lockdown extension instead. At the time of writing this blogpost, we have 6 more days left to go and then hopefully – Hoooppppefully Looooord Jesussssss! – we can return to some kind of normality.

No doubt everyone is a bit confused with the onslaught of information coming through the media: Four new cases, but oops sorry!! Two of those were false positives…and hang on, we now have a new thread called Delta…… It is what is is people! We can only do what we can and that is, to continue to keep our families and our communities safe. Encourage each other to get covid-tested as soon as symptoms are felt aaaaaaand when you’re ready to, book an appointment (or walk-in as many are doing) to receive vaccinations.

Where can you get all the information you need? You can visit the following!

For COVID-19 updates and lockdown restrictions, go to

For COVID-19 vaccinations and updates, go to

And for the latest lockdown rules and restrictions, see the following posters that we have produced in partnership with Vasa Consultancy, below:

And if you’re reading and wondering what to do during lockdown, there’s a community program called LOGIN 4 LOCKDOWN where you can pop in to the zoom link and catch a class facilitated by various members of the Melbourne Pasefika community – starting today June 5th until the 10th – how cool is that? Something to keep yourself busy with for the next 6 days! See the facebook event page here for details.

You’re welcome!

Stay safe Melbourne and #ProtectPasefika

Rita (PICAA’s Head Cheerleader)

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