Some creative encouragement for 2021

Bula everyone!

Firstly – a massive HI-5 to you all for getting through 2020 and coming out with your sanity intact! For us, 2020 took PICAA to another level of community work. We found ourselves having to drum up ways to engage our Pasefika community, keep people in high spirits (as high as they could be during COVID), and to help steer the most vulnerable to avenues of help and assistance. The social impact of our work was really put to the test and we’re happy to report that we took in it our stride and found ways to help our people (we’ll break it down in our next blog post coming up soon).

It’s a new year, celebrations have been had and future plans are on our minds. So we just want to check in with you all and ask the question – are you all set for a creative 2021? Has COVID encouraged you to get in touch with your artistic side? Did you find yourself writing poetry…learning how to draw via youtube…perfecting your karaoke songs in their original keys (not 3 keys down lol)??? If so, then we want to challenge you to continue that part of your life! Continue creating and, now that restrictions have eased – maybe take the next step and find local like-minded artists to connect with. Join a group, sign up for membership, subscribe to a channel (follow us on social media lol) so that you can expand your arts networks and be part of a creative community (aka. please come be our friend lol). A simple search on facebook, instagram, or even your local neighbourhood organisations (councils, community centres, neighbourhood houses) are a good start!

From our PICAA family to yours, we wish you all a prosperous and creative year!

Ia manuia

Rita (PICAA’s Head Cheerleader)

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