COVID Impacts

Malo ni PICAA friends and family!

It’s been a tough year, particularly here in Melbourne where we’ve experienced a series of lockdowns since March, all with varying degrees of restrictions. Who knew that 2020 would be the year of the pandemic? Especially one that would bring economic change and uncertainty to our way of life – it’s definitely a trying time. Our Pasefika communities have been feeling the impacts of Covid-19 – drastic changes with job losses, ineligibility for government financial covid packages, limitations to daily social interaction with community (a super important aspect of Pasefika life) and cancelled religious programmes and events.

As a community organisation, we’ve had to rethink our methods of engagement and service to our people. Our choir PASEFIKA VITORIA CHOIR has gone virtual, in an effort to spread some Pasefika creative love and hope for our communities. We are committed to posting uplifting choir videos onto our social media platforms, with the aim of improving community morale, mental health and well-being through music and dance. It’s a huge challenge for us, as an organisation with limited resources, but the end result is so rewarding as we read the comments of love, thankfulness and hope that our community posts. A recent choir video – our rendition of the Samoan ballad ‘Beyond the Reef’ (Pitman/The Yandall Sisters) in collaboration with The Brimbank Multicultural Community Choir – has received overwhelming positive response from community. You can view the video here:

We are also co-ordinating emergency relief efforts in order to help those Pasefika families who are strugggling to make ends meet. The EMERGENCY RELIEF FOR PASEFIKA FAMILIES-IN-NEED is 100% funded by community via monetary donations and is a service that we run a few times during lockdown in order to help combat the impact that Covid has brought to our lives. Since our state of Victoria has recently been declared a State of Emergency for another 12 months, it is not guaranteed that we will see the end of lockdown during this period. So we can only do our best to manage the environment that we currently live in, and hope that things start to look up for our vulnerable communities very soon.

We’re hoping that our PICAA family, supporters and followers are coping with covid impacts on their lives, wherever they are. We’re all in this together.


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