Become a PICAA 2020 Volunteer

Beautiful Tokelauan smile: PICAA Associate member Lesina Veniale at Moomba Festival Parade 2019

Malo ni!

We are calling out for volunteers who can join us on the big days when we are hosting events and projects. This is a great opportunity especially for those wanting to pursue the Arts, or Community-focused careers.

All our events promote and engage Pasefika arts and artists here in Australia, and for 2020 we are gonna be busy with the following events:

  • A national film festival
  • A Feature film Australian premiere
  • A Theatre production in regional Victoria
  • An interstate choir trip
  • Plus many other events throughout the year

We would love to share these experiences with anyone in our community who wants to be part of an exciting Pasefika arts organisation, or just wants to lend a helping hand.

If you have a few hours/days to spare this year, please consider becoming a PICAA 2020 volunteer. You can register your interest here:

Fakafetai lahi lele!