“REHAVAIKI” A musical production (A.Tofete/R.Seumanutafa) in 2017

Friday 14th July 2017 – what an amazing night that was – our second showing of “ReHavaiki”, a Pacific Island musical written and directed by Asalemo Tofete and musically composed by Rita Seumanutafa.  When people think of a Pacific Island musical show, Hammerstein and Rodgers’ “South Pacific” comes to mind for many theatre goers.  In New Zealand they had Igelese Ete’s “Malaga” (ca. 2000), and then years later, Kila Kokonut Krew’s “The Factory” (ca. 2010). Here in Australia? Nothing. So with the formation of a Pasefika creative arts organisation like ours, it was inevitable that we would be the first to create a musical that showcased Pasefika creative artforms.

This sold-out show was presented by PICAA INC. in partnership with Brimbank City Council, who had just opened The Bowery Theatre earlier this year, thereby making theatre performances a regular occurrence in the western suburbs of Melbourne.  After the sold-out premiere event on June 2nd at the South Melbourne Town Hall, “ReHavaiki” had created quite a buzz within our Pasefika community.  We filled up a 385-seat event, but still, many people missed out on tickets.  So this second show, a month later, was a chance for those who missed out earlier, to finally see what all the fuss was about!

On show night, we had a strong team of PICAA volunteers: those who looked after our PICAA babies cast (ages 3-11yo), our make-up, hair and costumes team, our kitchen staff and our front of house crew.   Without our volunteers, pulling off a production with 65 cast/crew members would not be possible – so we are truly thankful for you, our most awesome PICAA volunteers!

A big positive with this show, is that “ReHavaiki” has allowed the opportunity for many of our talented cast members to show their acting/vocal chops to a larger audience, and for many others to get into the world of theatre – an exciting place to be with PICAA!


DIRECTOR: Asalemo Tofete
COMPOSER: Rita Seumanutafa
COSTUME CONCEPT: Gina Tafea & Bessie Fa’aaifili
PRODUCER: PICAA Inc. (Pacific Island Creative Arts Australia Inc.) in partnership with Brimbank City Council
INCLUDES CHOREOGRAPHY by Tavai Faasavalu, Sanele Savea, Christian Gilbert, and Elandrah Feo.

CAST: Elandrah Feo, Vineta Ioapo, Tavai Fa’asavalu, Sanele Savea, Juliana Sopoaga,  Patrick Fa’aaifili, Tapu Elise, Mema Elise, Luana Tofete, Olive Asi,  Moeaki Finau, Jeramyah Gale,  Fetu Thompson, Lynette Lima, Gloria Tafua, Zahriyah Soma, and Devereaux Feo.  Akenese Tofete, Aniyah Tofete, Sade Tafea, Repeka Semisi, Brooklyn Taupau, Sierra Taupau, Ezekiel Taupau, Harmony Taupau, Malachai Taupau, Kuini Lima, Finau Uluakiahoia, Divine Uluakiahoia, Mark Uluakiahoia, Darius Fuimaono, Jairus Fuimaono, Ozias Heleiki, Leroy Fiu, Lee-Ona Fiu, and Austin Gale.

BAND: Steve Tafea, Sam Feo, Frank Johnson, Maritah Enosa and Patrick Tuariki.

CONSTUME CONSTRUCTION: Sharon Mowat, Bernadeine Katopau, Punatele Lua, Mara Fuimaono, Kolove Passi, Ann Heleiki, Anna Thompson, Donna Fiu, Faamasino Sala, Fua Fuimaono, and Lika Faifia.

PRODUCTION CREW: Camellia Auali’i, Melissa Tofa, Victoria Tulietufuga, Star Masoe, Celeste Tofa, Jane Figota, Janet Figota, Sesa Tuitea, IJ Elise, Pena Elise, Jaz Schuster, Delsa Tuitea, Malia Gale, and Rita Seumanutafa. 

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