Aimed towards Pasefika youth in Melbourne, our ACTING FOR YOUTH programme is a 5-week course that teaches students the basics of acting.  Facilitated by actor/director/playwright Asalemo Tofete, the class of 2016 also had the opportunity to prepare their stage debut at the Immigration Museum’s ‘Aotearoa Fest’, performing a series of vignettes created by the students themselves.  Following this debut, the students have also taken to the stage in the productions ‘Fatu na Toto’ (T Lualua/A Faiaoga), a PICAA collaboration with NZ dance company LeMoana in December 2016, and more recently, the musical ‘ReHavaiki’ (A Tofete/R Seumanutafa) in the June/July 2017 season.

In August 2017, we have commenced our second ACTING FOR YOUTH programme, as well as our first ACTING FOR ADULTS programme in Sydenham.  This time, workshops are conducted every Friday nights for 8 weeks, giving our students sufficient time to receive entry-level knowledge into the world of acting.  Check out our PICAA BLOG section for updates on how our students are going.  You can also check out updates via our Facebook page.


Photo: The class of 2017 ACTING FOR YOUTH in their debut performance at Immigration Museum’s Aotearoa Fest (October 2016, Immigration Museum, Melbourne VIC). L-R: IJ Elise, Zahriya Soma, Devereaux Feo, Austin Gale, Delsa Tuitea, Reupena Elise, Elandrah Feo, and Jeramyah Gale). (Photo: Copyright PICAA INC. 2017)


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