It has been an EXCITING few weeks for our PICAA family and local Pasefika community groups as we joined forces to become THE SPIRIT OF PASEFIKA for this year’s Moomba Festival Parade.

In only one month, PICAA co-ordinated a group effort that would allow our local Pasefika groups to come together, create a set, then recruit families from the community to perform the set. The creative team featured a dedicated group of leaders who generously spent time teaching our community group the songs and dances that would wow the audiences at Moomba 2020 this year.

Beautiful Fijian elders (Photo: S. Te’evale)

Parade day was a gorgeous and beautiful sunny day (Monday 9 March), everyone came dressed in their islandwear and we looked ready to strut the Moomba walk with our Pasefika energy! Our Spirit of Pasefika team arrived at 8am in the morning – a combination of nerves and anticipation. One look at our group and you could definitely see that our vibrant colours, traditional and contemporary attire, and energetic vibes promised a spectacular showcase of Pasefika identites. The day was a success for or group – watching the young performers in our group take pride in their cultures, their parents trailing behind together with the elders – it was beautiful to see

Leading from the front – Sam Te’evale (Photo: S Te’evale)


Our Pasefika people are a minority here in Australia and the need to provide our people with opportunities and a platform to proudly represent their cultural identities is the very reason why PICAA exists. Putting together a community performance to represent Pasefika is of profound value for our Pasefika peoples here in Australia. This was PICAA’s fourth year at Moomba, with each year becoming even more amazing than the last. As an arts organisation, our strength is in the collaborations and partnerships that we have formed with fellow Pasefika artists and community groups. When we all come together to represent our homelands – great things happen!

Thank you to each and every person of our SPIRIT OF PASEFIKA team, from the elders who marched alongside us right down to the young ones. Shoutout to creative team members from: Nesian Pearl, Nuholani, Nga Matai Purua – Maori Cultural Group and Fijian Community Association Victoria and of course our own PICAA family!! What a great showcase this year! See you all in 2021!

One of the drummers for ‘Spirit of Pasefika’ – Albert Fale (Photo: Glen Rollinson Photography)


Rita (PICAA’s Head Cheerleader)